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GSM-X GSM-X universal communication module



GSM-X LTE is a multi-purpose communication module that offers extensive functionality and support for multiple communication paths.

It can easily find numerous applications, some of which can be implemented in parallel.

Full flexibility

The module can be used in many existing and newly built installations. GSM-X LTE can receive event information from the connected alarm control panel or the controller and forward it to monitoring stations of security agencies or interested persons via cellular network, Ethernet* or analog PSTN** telephone line.

The module can be used to implement remote control functions, such as arming the system or opening the gate, also using the mobile application.

GSM-X LTE can give a "new life" to some older alarm systems.

* When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-ETH
** When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X PSTN

Compatibility with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus
alarm control panels

GSM-X LTE can interact with the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series, via the RS-232 interface. It can report events from these control panels through all available paths: audio (via cellular network or PSTN*), SMS, Ethernet** and LTE***. In addition, the function of automatic creation of SMS notifications is available for INTEGRA Plus - content of the message is based on the event list.

Additionally, GSM-X LTE allows remote connection to the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus programs:

  • DLOADX – which is used for configuration, and
  • GUARDX – which is used for supervision and administration of alarm systems.

* When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-PSTN
** Data transmission via Ethernet - when GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-ETH
*** Mobile data transmission via LTE/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS (depending on the capabilities of the cellular network)


The device comes with an integrated cell phone. It has two SIM card slots and allows you to use services provided by different operators. If one of the cards causes any communication problems, the module automatically switches to the other card to maintain continuous communication. A very useful feature is the prepaid SIM card handling functions that allow you to check your account balance and set notifications in case it has dropped below the required minimum.

An undisputable advantage of the device is that it allows simple expansion by adding one of the modules: GSM-X-ETH (Ethernet) or GSM-X-PSTN (telephone). It provides access to additional communication channels – Ethernet network or analog telephone line.

GSM-X LTE effective reporting - scheme

* Mobile data transmission via LTE/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS - depending on the capabilities of the cellular network
** Connection via analog telephone line - when GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-PSTN
*** Data transmission via - when GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-ETH

Effective reporting

As regards reporting, information can be effectively transmitted using:

  • via cellular network* – using the TCP or UDP protocols
  • voice – audio path via cellular network or PSTN**
  • text – SMS messages
  • Ethernet*** - via TCP or UDP.

Where events are made available via mobile network or Ethernet***, the module supports two transmission formats:

  • SIA-IP (for communication with any monitoring station)
  • SATEL (for communication with SATEL made devices: STAM-2 monitoring station or SMET-256 reporting converter).

Support for several transmission paths in one device guarantees fast and reliable transfer of information. You can use each of them independently, defining specific tasks to be carried out.

Dual Path Reporting

GSM-X LTE with the GSM-X-ETH module connected makes possible reporting through two independent paths: mobile network* or Ethernet (with priority setting option).
The device is constantly monitoring the status of connections with the monitoring station and, when necessary, it replaces one channel with the other.

When it is the GSM-X-PSTN module that works with GSM-X LTE, the dual path reporting is performed through cellular network or analog telephone line.

GSM-X LTE offers the possibility of reporting to two autonomous monitoring stations. If necessary, each of them may be assigned two IP addresses (TCP/UDP reporting) or two telephone numbers (audio reporting).

* Mobile data transmission via LTE/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS (depending on the capabilities of the cellular network)

GSM-X Dual Path Reporting - scheme
GSM-X Notification messaging - scheme

Notification messaging

The GSM-X LTE module makes it possible to send notifications to up to 8 telephone numbers. This function can be implemented by using:

  • voice – via built-in voice notification circuit
  • SMS messages
  • PUSH notifications
  • CLIP service.

The device can transmit notifications to the recipient through several independent paths. The event alert will be sent via all of the preprogrammed channels, therefore the information will reach the recipient even when one of them turns out to be unavailable.

GSM gateway

The module can fully replace the analog line. In that case, it generates voltage states and line status signals (e.g. on-hook/off-hook) typical of the line and, after connection via mobile network is set up, it transmits signals coming from the analog line. When the line is unavailable, it diverts the voice calls to the mobile network. In the case of private branch exchanges (PBX), it functions as an additional external line, which allows you to optimize the cost of calls (to the mobile networks). The module can also filter calls, generate a ringing tone and caller ID information.

Remote control

GSM-X LTE has 4 outputs that can be remotely controlled and activated in several ways:

In addition to controlling the alarm system, the GSM-X LTE module will be a perfect choice to implement automation functions, including control of lighting, gates, wickets, roller shutters/blinds, solenoid valves, etc. If needed, it will turn on heating, air conditioning, smoke extraction, watering and many other systems.

GSM-X LTE Remote control - scheme

Mobile access

The application GX CONTROL allows:

  • verification of the status of inputs and outputs (connected devices)
  • viewing troubles with the possibility of clearing their memory
  • viewing event memory with the possibility of filtering
  • remote control of module outputs (devices connected to them).

PUSH messages give the user permanent access to information.

Importantly, configuration of the application is very simple, and so is connection with the module. All you have to do is send an SMS from the application level to the device and receive the configuration data in response. Another, equally convenient way is to scan the QR code that is generated in the GX Soft program or in a preconfigured application.

Functional software

GX Soft is an advanced tool provided with a friendly and clear interface, intended for configuration as well as diagnostics of SATEL communication modules.

The module and the program interact locally (via USB) or remotely (via Ethernet* or mobile network).

* When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-ETH

Easy and secure connection

Thanks to the SATEL connection set-up service, you can enjoy many functionalities of GX CONTROL and GX Soft. Configuration of communication between the application / program and the GSM-X LTE module takes just a few moments, without any need to use external IP address or advanced network settings. When being sent, the data are encrypted using a sophisticated algorithm to ensure security of the transmission.

Remote software update

GSM-X LTE is compatible with the UpServ program, which enables the device to be remotely updated. This allows the installer to quickly add new functionalities without having to physically visit the premises and dismount the module.



  • simulation of telephone line via mobile network - GSM gateway
  • built-in audio communicator
  • dual SIM card support
  • easy expansion by adding GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module or GSM-X-PSTN telephone module

Reporting events

  • Dual Path Reporting compliant with EN 50136*/**
  • reporting sources:
    • control panel audio reporting
    • internal events
    • input violation
    • output status change
  • reporting paths:
    • cellular network*** (TCP/UDP)
    • audio (cellular network / PSTN telephone network**)
    • SMS
    • Ethernet* (TCP/UDP) (TCP/UDP)

* When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-ETH
** When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-PSTN
*** Data transmission via LTE/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS - depending on the capabilities of the cellular network

Interaction with all control panels

  • programmable inputs
  • outputs with remote control capability
  • coverting of audio reporting (PSTN) to: LTE*, audio (cellular network / PSTN**), SMS, Ethernet***

Compatibility with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus

  • quick data transmission
  • event reporting from the control panel via the RS-232 interface
  • the content of SMS notifications is based directly on the event list (INTEGRA Plus)
  • remote management of control panels by using GUARDX program
  • remote configuration of control panels by using DLOADX program

* Data transmission via LTE/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS - depending on the capabilities of the cellular network
** When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-PSTN
*** When GSM-X LTE is used with GSM-X-ETH

Notification messaging

  • notification sources:
    • audio reporting of alarm control panel
    • PAGER format messages
    • internal events
    • input violation
    • output status change
  • notification options:
    • voice
    • SMS
    • PUSH
    • CLIP

Remote control of outputs

  • SMS
  • CLIP
  • DTMF
  • GX CONTROL mobile application
  • GX Soft configuration program

GX CONTROL mobile application for Android and iOS

  • checking input status with bypassing capability
  • controlling and checking output status
  • viewing troubles with option to clear trouble memory
  • viewing event memory with filtering option
  • PUSH notifications

GX Soft configuration program

  • intuitive interface
  • full module configuration
  • viewing event log
  • fault diagnostics


De GSM-X LTE biedt uitgebreide communicatiefunctionaliteit en ondersteuning voor meerdere communicatiekanalen. Het apparaat is voorzien van een mobiele telefoon die gegevensoverdracht ondersteunt met behulp van LTE* technologie.

De module kan worden gebruikt voor rapportage van alarmsystemen en kan worden aangesloten op de telefoonkiezer van een alarmsysteem of op de daarvoor geconfigureerde uitgangen.

Een belangrijke functie die de communicatie module biedt, is de uitbreidingsmogelijkheid van de GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module, zodat rapportage via twee onafhankelijke kanalen (gegevensoverdracht via het mobiel netwerk* en Ethernet) kan geschieden. Een andere mogelijkheid is om de GSM-X-PSTN module toe te voegen,waarbij de analoge PSTN telefoonlijn zal worden gebruikt als alternatief transmissiekanaal. Dankzij de constante verbinding status met de meldkamer en de substitueerbaarheid van transmissiekanalen, wordt voldaan aan de strenge EN 50136 eisen voor de zogenaamde Dual Path Rapportage (DP 1,2,3 en 4).

De GSM-X LTE biedt op verschillende manieren de optie om max. 8 gebruikers op de hoogte te houden: via spraakberichten, SMS berichten, PUSH berichten of via de CLIP service.

INTEGRA en INTEGRA Plus alarmsystemen kunnen met de module gekoppeld worden via RS-232. De GSM-X LTE zal dan de rapportage en notificatie uitvoeren (bij de INTEGRA Plus wordt de inhoud gedownload uit het logboek) en kan een externe verbinding tot stand kan brengen met de DLOADX en GUARDX programma's.

De module heeft ook de functie waarbij de communicatie automatisch overschakelt naar het GSM kanaal indien er een storing is op de analoge telefoonlijn. De GSM-X LTE kan ook fungeren als een GSM-gateway voor private branch exchanges (PBX).

Het apparaat heeft 4 programmeerbare uitgangen die op afstand kunnen worden gestuurd via SMS, CLIP, DTMF, GX CONTROL mobiele applicatie, de GX Soft configuratie software of via IoT. Hierdoor kan de GSM-X LTE worden gebruikt om bijvoorbeeld het alarmsysteem of andere aangesloten apparaten op afstand te bedienen.

Voor programmering en configuratie moet u een computer gebruiken waarop het GX Soft programma is geïnstalleerd. De computer kan lokaal verbinding maken met de module (USB-poort) of op afstand (gegevensoverdracht via het mobiele netwerk * / Ethernet **).

Extern updaten van de module firmware is mogelijk dankzij de GSM-X LTE mogelijkheid om te communiceren met het UpServ programma.

De ingebouwde mobiele telefoon heeft twee Nano-simkaart houders. Indien er een storing optreed met het netwerkbereik van de eerste GSM provider, dan zal de module automatisch overschakelen naar de andere om een ononderbroken communicatie te behouden.

  • Dual Path Rapportage ondersteuning conform de EN 50136**/***
  • gebeurtenisrapportage: audio (via mobiel netwerk / PSTN*** network) / SMS / LTE* / Ethernet**
  • conversie en hertransmissie van gebeurteniscodes die ontvangen worden van andere apparaten (telefoon PAC simulatie)
  • notificaties voor max. 8 telefoonnummers
  • notificatie: audio/SMS/PUSH/CLIP
  • conversie van PAGER berichten naar SMS
  • telefoonlijn simulatie via GSM - GSM gateway
  • overschakeling naar GSM indien de analoge telefoonlijn wegvalt
  • geschikt voor INTEGRA en INTEGRA Plus alarmsystemen:
    • snelle dataoverdracht via RS-232
    • TCP/IP / PSTN*** rapportage
    • automatische samenstelling van de inhoud voor notificatie ( INTEGRA Plus)
    • de mogelijkheid om extern verbinding te maken met de DLOADX en GUARDX programma's
  • 4 programmeerbare ingangen (NO, NC)
  • 4 uitgangen (OC) aan te sturen via SMS / CLIP / DTMF / GX CONTROL GX Soft / via IoT
  • IoT - ondersteuning voor JSON en MQQT open protocollen
  • dual simkaart ondersteuning
  • de mogelijkheid om het prepaid saldo te controleren en een melding te sturen als deze onder het vereiste minimum daalt
  • configuratie van de module:
    • lokaal - computer met het GX Soft programma aangesloten op de USB poort van de module
    • extern - computer met het GX Soft programma die verbinding maakt met de module via datatransmissie over het mobiele netwerk* of ethernet**
  • interactie met de GX CONTROL mobiele applicatie
  • de mogelijkheid om de firmware extern te updaten
  • de mogelijkheid voor het aansluiten van een speciale SATEL voeding: APS-412, APS-612 of APS-1412
  • uit te breiden met de GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module of GSM-X-PSTN telefoon module

* gegevensoverdracht met behulp van de LTE / HSPA + / EDGE / GPRS technologie - afhankelijk van de mogelijkheden van het mobiele netwerk

** indien gebruikt met de GSM-X-ETH

*** indien gebruikt met de GSM-X-PSTN

EN-50136 DP 4


geüpdate: 2022-09-16
2.92 MB
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geüpdate: 2022-04-22
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gemaakt: 2022-05-27
gemaakt: 2018-03-02
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geüpdate: 2020-01-03
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EN-50136 DP 4
geüpdate: 2020-04-27
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Technische gegevens

Aantal OC uitgangen
Aantal ingangen (zones)
Afmetingen behuizing
126 x 158 x 46 mm
Afmetingen print
141 x 70 mm
12 V DC ±15%
Stand-by verbruik
170 mA
Maximaal verbruik
520 mA
269 g
Maximale luchtvochtigheid
Milieuklasse conform de EN50130-5
Aantal voedingsuitgangen
OC type uitgangen
50 mA / 12 V DC
AUX uitgang
300 mA / 12 V DC

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