ETHM-1 Plus

Ethernet communication module

The ETHM-1 Plus communication module makes it possible to use Ethernet communication in the control panels of INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA families. It provides the capability of reporting and remote programming of the control panels. The ETHM-1 Plus module offers the functionality of remote control of the system via the Internet, using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • supported by the control panels of INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA families
  • TCP/IP or UDP reporting
  • ability to work in combination with the INT-GSM module (ETHM-1 Plus, version 2.05 or later) or INT-GSM LTE module (ETHM-1 Plus, version 2.07 or later):
    • Dual Path Reporting, compliant with EN 50136
    • backup communication path
  • remote programming via DLOADX program
  • INTEGRA system supervision via GUARDX program
  • system operation from WWW browser level
  • ability to operate the system from a mobile phone using the applications: INTEGRA CONTROLVERSA CONTROL
  • event notification capability using e-mail messages (only INTEGRA Plus*, VERSA)
  • encrypted data transmission
  • support for DHCP automatic address configuration
  • open protocol for systems integration via the TCP/IP channel

For remote connection with the INTEGRA control panel DLOADX in v1.12.004 or newer is required.


* available with v1.13 INTEGRA Firmware

EN-50136 SP 5
ETHM-1 Plus
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EN-50136 SP 5
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EU declaration of conformity
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Technical Data

Supply voltage
12 V DC
Operating temperature range
-10...+55 °C
Standby mode current consumption
70 mA
Max. current consumption
80 mA
64 g
Maximum humidity
68 x 140 mm
Environmental class according to EN50130-5

Information materials


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