Backup power supply

The switching mode power supply designed to power 12 V devices. It is equipped with a dedicated connector for use with SATEL devices. Its design enables it to be easily installed in the SATEL offered enclosure or on the DIN rail.
  • EN50131-6 Grade 2 compliant
  • high efficiency 12 V DC switching mode power supply, requiring no mains transformer
  • 4 A total output current
  • short circuit and overload protection
  • designed for use with sealed lead-acid batteries
  • optionally selected battery charging current
  • battery deep discharge protection
  • 3 OC outputs for trouble indication 
  • optical indication of mains, battery and overload status
  • audible trouble signal
  • dedicated connector for use with new SATEL modules
  • designed for mounting on DIN 35 mm rail and in OPU-3 P, OPU-4 P and OPU-4 PW enclosures
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - certificate
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general information manual
updated: 2022-08-29
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quick installer guide
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EU declaration of conformity
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EN-50131 GRADE 2 - certificate
updated: 2023-03-17
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Technical Data

Environmental class
Enclosure dimensions
77 x 122 x 59 mm
Operating temperature range
-10...+55 °C
Supply voltage
230 V AC
306 g
Battery failure voltage threshold (±10%)
11,5 V
Battery cut-off voltage (±10%)
10,5 V
Security grade according to EN 50131
Grade 2
Output current
4 A
Battery charging current (switchable)
0,5 A / 1 A
Energy efficiency
up to 88%
Actual output voltage
13,8 V DC
Nominal output voltage (according to IEC 38)
12 V DC
Power supply type (according to EN50131)
Output current (operation without battery connected)
4 A
Output current (operation with battery connected)
3,5 / 3 A
Current consumption by power supply circuits
57 mA

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