Active infrared barrier with 4 beams (brown)

The ACTIVA active infrared barriers are advanced perimeter protection detectors. For detection of the protected area violations, they use infrared beams that are transmitted continuously between the transmitter and the receiver. Operating range of the barriers, as well as their aesthetic appearance and high-quality materials used, guarantee that they can be mounted both inside and outside of the protected building.

Improvements made to electronics and software of the new generation ACTIVA barriers, as well as their encapsulated construction, provide high resistance to interference and harsh environmental conditions.

  • encrypted, synchronized transmission to prevent transmitter substitution
  • powerful, high-performance processor
  • up to 20 m range (up to 10 m outdoors)
  • bracket that allows installation parallel or perpendicular to wall
  • optical and acoustic indication to facilitate installation
  • outdoor operation
  • hermetically sealed construction for protection of water sensitive components
  • excellent performance in harsh outdoor conditions (snow, rain, falling leaves, etc.)
  • improved resistance to electrical interference
  • IP code: IP44
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general information manual
updated: 2020-05-19
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2022-12-30
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Technical Data

Operating temperature range
-25…+55 °C
Nominal supply voltage (±15%)
12 V DC
Standby mode current consumption
40 mA
Max. current consumption
45 mA
1050 g
Length of strips
105 cm
Panel depth
26 mm
Panel width
25 mm
Distance between first beam and laminate edge with terminal block - barrier lower part
148 mm
Distance between last beam and laminate end – barrier upper part
125 mm
Maximum range
20 m
Length of the emitted wave
950 nm
Distance between the first and the second beam
245 mm
Distance between successive beams
265 mm

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