Touchscreen keypads

Everyday operation of even complex alarm and building automation systems can be nice and easy. Replace your existing alarm system keypad with the modern touchscreen one.

The INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2 devices are dedicated for operation with the INTEGRA and VERSA families of control panels.

easy navigation

multiscreen and multilevel interface simplify the daily system operation


powerful processor and new software for smooth operation

gentle touch

capacitive screen for precise touch and swipe gestures support

colour depth

more than 16 million colours available for high image quality

choose your own style

match the theme and the colour of enclosure to your interior

your choice

bigger or smaller? choose a keypad with 7" or 4.3" screen

Touch and feel the difference

Watch our video about INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2

Gentle touch

The high sensitivity of touch panel together with the responsive interface turn the everyday operation into a real pleasure. With the introduced swipe gestures support, navigating the interface is smooth and most importantly - intuitive.

7" 7" 4,3" 4,3"

Choose your own style

Match the keypad to your interior. Two different colour variants (modern white and classic black) help to ideally match them to your room design.

Free the colours

The interface is fully customizable, and allows installers to create dedicated themes with entire colour schemes and custom wallpapers. You can also choose one from over 20 preset themes available.

Let your imagination run wild

Together with your installer customize the icons and their placement on 24 available screens. You can group icons on each screen by their functions, room they relate to, and more. The icon appearance can be changed to best match their designated function.

System look-alike

Use the wide configuration options of the customizable interface to perfectly map your alarm or building automation system. The new keypads allow to upload a building map, and place the connected devices.

Everyday operation becomes even simpler than it was before, with you easily finding the device you want to control. Forget scrolling down the long list of different devices.

Perfectly adjusted

The screen brightness can be adjusted to match user preference or the day period. You can also set the volume of individual system sounds.

(Un)usual screen saver

Decide what the keypad should display when idle: a modern digital clock or perhaps a slide show composed of your favourite photos.

Colour depth

The INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2 keypads can display over 16 million colours - more than the human eye can distinguish. The high image quality is hidden behind a glass panel that protects the display from scratches.


The new generation processor used in the INT- TSH2 keypad is over 2 times1, and in INT-TSG2 even 4 times2 faster than the processor used in previous models. All components have been selected and optimised to ensure efficient operation of even complex systems, including both facility security and building automation functions.



2,6x faster1



4x faster2

1 compared to INT-TSH

2 compared to INT-TSG

Your choice

The same quality in two different sizes.

INT-TSH2 is the bigger 7" touchscreen keypad. INT-TSG2 is the smaller 4,3" touchscreen device. You decide which one suits your needs better.


display size


display resolution

1024 x 600

system status notification method

icons displayed on the taskbar

audio playback



display size


display resolution

480 x 272

icons displayed on the taskbar

backlit icons on the device enclosure

audio playback



The INT-TSH2 keypad is dedicated for operation and programming of the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA families of control panels. It is an ideal solution for users seeking easy daily operation of the alarm system and building automation elements, including the KNX system. The combination of large size and universal design makes the device perfectly suited to both modern and traditional interiors.


  • 7" capacitive glass touchscreen with swipe gestures support
    • 1024x600 screen resolution, 16.7 million colours (true colour)
  • - multi-level user customisable graphic interface
    • up to 24 user screens
  • customisable and adaptable interface screens
  • more than 20 preset graphic themes
  • custom themes support
  • widgets for keypad operation, control of the alarm system and automation devices connected to the control panel
  • system control via MACRO functions, which activate an entire chain of different commands (including building automation commands)
  • quick activation of PANIC, FIRE, AND MEDICAL alarms
  • integration with the INTEGRA (INTEGRA Firmware 1.20 or higher) and VERSA (VERSA Firmware 1.10 or higher) control panels
  • screensaver with options to display clock, date, system component statuses (zones, doors, exits), and temperatures (INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus only)
  • option to display a slideshow (photo frame function)
  • current system status notifications displayed on the taskbar
  • 2 programmable hardwired zones (INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus only)
    • support for NO and NC type detectors, as well as roller shutter and vibration detectors;
    • support for EOL, 2EOL and 3EOL configuration (3EOL in with the INTEGRA Plus only);
    • programming of end-of-line resistor values
  • built-in speaker for acoustic signalling
  • adjustment of acoustic signalling volume
  • adjustable screen brightness with day/night mode
  • built-in microSD memory card slot (for storing photo frame pictures, additional screen wallpapers and custom sounds for audible signals of zone violations - chimes)
  • tamper contact responding to the enclosure opening or detaching from the wall
  • available in white (INT-TSH2-W) and black (INT-TSH2-B) enclosure


VERSA system manual
updated: 2021-09-29
470 KB
installer manual
updated: 2021-09-29
733 KB
INTEGRA system manual
updated: 2021-08-30
651 KB
quick user guide
updated: 2021-08-30
344 KB
quick installer guide
updated: 2021-08-30
160 KB


compiled: 2021-11-12


EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2021-08-31
217 KB

Technical Data

Operating temperature range
Standby mode current consumption
350 mA
Max. current consumption
450 mA
400 g
Maximum humidity
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Security grade according to EN 50131
Grade 3
Supported memory cards
microSD, micro SDHC
Enclosure dimensions (width x height x thickness)
196 x 129 x 22 mm
Power supply output voltage
12 V DC ±15%

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