4-channel radio controller with SMA connector

The RK-4K SMA controller enables a device connected to the relay outputs to be controlled by using keyfobs. The controller allows you to remotely operate electrical devices, including parking barriers, gates, roller shutters/blinds etc. The controller is additionally provided with inputs and outputs designed to work with the alarm control panel, so it can be used for remote control of the alarm system.

  • 4 relay outputs (channels)
  • maximum number of enrolled keyfobs: 1024
  • optional configuration by using a computer with RK Soft program installed
  • 2 OC type outputs
    • low keyfob battery indication
    • indication of alarm system arming / disarming / alarm clearing
  • 2 inputs for monitoring the alarm system status
    • arming status information
    • alarm information
  • SMA connector for external antenna
  • RS 232 (TTL) port for connecting to a computer
  • LED indicator
  • tamper switch triggered by opening of the enclosure
  • optional DC or AC power supply
  • two T-4 keyfobs included in the set
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general information manual
updated: 2021-04-07
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2020-07-29
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Technical Data

Operating temperature range
92 g
Maximum humidity
93 ± 3 %
Operating frequency band
433,05 ÷ 434,79 MHz
118 x 72 x 24 mm
Supply voltage (±10%) [V AC]
24 V AC
Relay output
1 A / 24 V DC/AC
LV output
50 mA / 24 V DC/AC
SS output
500 mA / 24 V DC/AC
Standby mode current consumption (supply 12 V DC)
18 mA
Standby mode current consumption (supply 24 V DC)
32 mA
Max. current consumption (supply 12 V DC)
58 mA
Max. current consumption (supply 24 V DC)
48 mA
Supply voltage (± 10%)
12...24 V DC

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