Wireless two-channel 230 V AC in-wall controller

The ASW-210 module is designed to remotely switch on/off devices powered from 230 V AC mains. It operates as part of the ABAX 2/ABAX two-way wireless system.

The controller has compact dimensions and is designed for in-wall mounting.

The device is provided with two control inputs designed to connect e.g. wall switches (mono- and bistable).

Configuration and updating of firmware is carried out remotely. Radio communication in the ABAX 2 system is AES encrypted.

  • remotely switching on/off 230 V AC devices
  • 2 control inputs
  • compatible with:
    • ABAX 2 system controllers (ACU-220 and ACU-280) and ARU-200 radio signal repeater
    • ABAX system controllers (ACU-120, ACU-270, ACU-250 or ACU-100 (version 4.04 or higher)), INTEGRA 128-WRL system control panel and ARU-100 radio signal repeater - the required version of the device firmware should be checked in its description on the website, while ASW-210 must be in version 1.01 or higher (firmware available in ABAX 2 Firmware for ACU220 / ACU-280 from version 6.02)
  • range of radio communication in the open area:
    • in ABAX 2: up to 1000 m (with ACU-220 or ACU-280)
    • in ABAX: up to 500 m
  • remote configuration and firmware update
  • compact dimensions
  • in-wall mounting
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general information manual
updated: 2022-01-19
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quick installer guide
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EU declaration of conformity
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Technical Data

Operating temperature range
Supply voltage (±15%)
230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Standby mode current consumption
5,5 mA
40 g
Maximum humidity
Operating frequency band
868,0 ÷ 868,6 MHz
47 x 47,4 x 22 mm
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Complied with standards
EN 50130-4, EN 50130-5
Radio communication range (in open area) for ACU-220
up to 1000 m
Radio communication range (in open area) for ACU-280
up to 1000 m
Wetting current
10 mA
Contact rating
5 A
Maximum switching power, AC1
1250 VA
Radio communication range (in open area) for ABAX
up to 500 m
Rated contact voltage
250 V AC
Load capacity of relay outputs in AC1 category
5 A / 250 V AC
Minimum switching power
50 mW
Electrical endurance (number of switching cycles), AC1 (360 cycles/h)
Contacts resistance
≤ 100 mΩ

Information materials


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3leaflet - installer

4technical data

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