GPRS/SMS reporting module with buffer power supply

Meet the successor GPRS-T6!



Universal GPRS monitoring module



The versatile GPRS-T6 communication unit is designed for GPRS and SMS monitoring from any alarm control panel or other device. An additional functionality of the GPRS-T6 unit is the remote control of the module's outputs, which allow for e.g. activation or deactivation of the alarm system stand-by mode using SMS. The built-in buffer power supply in the GPRS-T6 module allows continued communication even if the main power supply fails.

  • 8 monitoring triggering or message inputs
  • dedicated inputs for alarm system failure signals
  • dedicated input for AC power supply monitoring
  • 4 outputs with remote control option
  • automatic switching to SMS in case of lack of GPRS signal
  • SMS/CLIP messaging
  • sending test transmission using CLIP
  • communication failure signalling
  • built-in 2 A buffer power supply
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EU declaration of conformity
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Technical Data

Environmental class
Number of OC outputs
Power supply type
Number of inputs (zones)
Power supply rating
2 A
Board dimensions
120 x 68,5 mm
Operating temperature range
-10...+55 °C
Current consumption from 230 V mains - standby
110 mA
Current consumption from 230 V mains - maximum
150 mA
Current consumption from battery - maximum
400 mA
Current consumption from battery - standby
120 mA
Recommended transformer type
TR40VA (40VA / 18VAC)
Output voltage range
10,5…13,8 V DC
Battery failure voltage threshold (±10%)
11 V
Battery cut-off voltage (±10%)
10,5 V
Number of outputs power
Supply voltage (±10%) [V AC]
18 V AC
Battery charging current (±20%)
250 mA
Device + housing weight
1012 g
Permissible voltage on the ACE
up to 25 V
Current carrying capacity of the output +12V
500 mA
Current carrying capacity of the output operating as a malfunction indicator
50 mA

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