Brand new INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2
touchscreen keypads

Powerful processor, completely new interface,
swipe gestures support.
Meet the new level
of safety and building automation control.

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We present a solution that will allow you to secure a flat or apartment, a small or medium sized house or office. The VERSA alarm control panels will take care not only of adequate and effective protection, but will also make the system users feel comfortable.

State-of-the-art control devices will not only make the daily operation of your system easier, but also more attractive.

Security and comfort
within reach

The intuitive graphical interface of the touchscreen keypad will allow you to easily run various functions of your system during its everyday operation.

  • Scratch-resistant glass screen.
  • Quick control of alarm arming/disarming, lighting, roller shutters, etc.
  • IIndividually configurable start screen.

The slim enclosure and universal design make the keypad a perfect match for almost any interior.

It can also be an original decoration, acting as a digital frame. All you need to do is upload a few favorite photos that will be displayed on the device screen.

Traditional keys

set of SATEL devices

To operate the system, you can use either wired or wireless keypads. Models with LCD screen or with LED indicators are available. A convenient solution is the option of a device with built-in card reader that will allow you to control the system without having to remember the password.

One keyfob – many possibilities


Remote control is also possible for daily operation of your alarm system. When you are on the premises, you can use for this purpose a keyfob, e.g. the APT-200* model with illuminated buttons. Depending on the configuration, it will allow you to perform a whole range of tasks, from arming/disarming the system or calling for help in an emergency, to opening/closing the garage door, roller shutters/blinds, etc.

* The APT-200 keyfob works as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system, which offers a full range of wireless devices for the VERSA control panel.


The LEDs indicate the system state. To each of them, you can assign confirmation of a different function. For example, the red one can notify you whether the alarm is armed, the yellow one whether the garage door is open, and the green one whether the garden sprinklers are working.

The built-in buzzer reacts to pressing any key and confirms that the control panel has received the command.

APT-200 LED diodes

Remotely, easily, reliably

Get access to the VERSA alarm system from whenever you are. Take advantage of the huge number of possibilities that remote control offers you by using your mobile device with the VERSA CONTROL application installed.

Do you happen sometimes to leave the light on in the bathroom or hallway in the morning rush? Or maybe you are not sure if you have armed the alarm? Now you can check it remotely and, if necessary, arm the system or turn off unnecessary lighting, thus saving electricity and ensuring yourself precious peace of mind.

Watch over the security of your home no matter where you are. This will be made easier by PUSH notifications, which will immediately inform you about selected events registered by the control panel.

Do you value your time and comfort? Thanks to the application, you will have access to all information, the remote control capabilities being always at your fingertips.

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Full-screen preview

In the eye of camera

If you have IP cameras installed on your property, in your house or flat, the application will allow you a quick preview of the image from these devices.

A set of detectors

Comprehensive detection

VERSA alarm control panels can be used together with a wide range of detectors. Consult the installer to select the right devices that will provide the expected protection – not only of the building itself, but also the area around it.


Extra protection

In addition to protection against burglary, the VERSA alarm system provides additional protection by responding to the early symptoms of an immediate risk of fire, flooding or the presence of dangerous gas.




soporific substances

How to scare a burglar away?

A special module will allow you to listen in to what is going on in the building in your absence, anappstore-downloadd also to communicate with people staying there.

A firm announcement (e.g. "the police are coming") through the loudspeaker will effectively scare off many burglars.

Great light
protection after dark

During your absence, VERSA can turn the light on
and off periodically for the intruder to think that
the household members are there. However,
if he decides to enter the monitored area, he will trigger an alarm and, in addition, the control panel
will turn on the outdoor lighting. As a result, he will
be better visible in the image recorded by surveillance cameras, which will make easy the subsequent identification of the trespasser.

Mobile monitoring

Preview from cameras in the application will allow you to verify who is at your door or gate. After making sure that you are dealing with, for example, a courier, you can remotely disarm alarm in the garden and open the gate so that he can leave the parcel at your property.

Even more comfort

Using the keypad, keyfob or mobile application, you can not only arm/ disarm your alarm system, but also control lighting in the selected room or in the driveway at any time. In the same way, you will take care of the plants by turning on the garden sprinklers, as well as of your own comfort by opening/closing the garage door, entrance gate and roller shutters.

The VERSA alarm system means:

comprehensive and effective protection of small and medium-sized buildings.

security in a beautiful setting, e.g. state-of-the-art touch screen keypads.

…confidence that everything is under your control wherever you are.

convenience, owing to the variety of alarm and home automation control methods.

Compare the VERSA family products

Plus LTE
Number of zones / maximum number of zones (to handle wired detectors) / maximum number of zones (to handle wired and wireless detectors) 4 / 28 / 30 4 / 28 / 30 4 / 28 / 30 15 / 30 / 30 10 / 30 / 30 5 / 29 / 30
Number of objects / partitions 1 / 2 1 / 2 1 / 2 1 / 2 1 / 2 1 / 2
Support for LED / LCD / touchscreen keypad • / • / • • / • / • • / • / • • / • / • • / • / • • / • / •
Control by using keyfobs or proximity cards option option option option option option
User keyfobs option option option option option option
Users and administrators + service 30 + 1 30 + 1 30 + 1 30 + 1 30 + 1 30 + 1
Number of programmable outputs / maximum number of programmable outputs (for device control) 2 + 2 + 1
/ 12
2 + 2 + 1
/ 12
2 + 2 + 1
/ 12
2 + 2
/ 12
2 + 2
/ 12
2 + 2
/ 12
Built-in communicator:
- 2G cellular
- 2G/3G/4G cellular
• / • / - / • • / - / • / • • / − / − / • • / − / − / − • / − / − / − • / − / − / −
Alarm audio verification
Telephone touch tone remote control option option option
SMS remote control
Operation via a mobile application option option option
Support for communication via Ethernet option option option
Support for communication via cellular network
Support for wireless devices option option option option option option
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