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Multipurpose detector XD-2
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CONFX hardware configurator

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KNX modules

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Alarm control panels

Alarm systems are SATEL’s most important and biggest production division. Owing to the wide scope of offered devices, you can easily match the particular solutions with the qualities and requirements of the protected facility.

Among the offered products there are devices which differ in terms of functionality and application: from simple modules suitable for quick installation to advanced control panels which combined alarm functions with automation and access control.

  • smallest facilities
  • simple protection for quick installation
  • small facilities
  • optimal protection with convenient control
  • medium facilities
  • comprehensive protection with automation elements
  • big facilities
  • intelligent protection for the demanding

intelligent protection for the demanding

INTEGRA for business

INTEGRA Plus control panels have been designed for the clients who are looking for professional solutions for business and industrial facilities. The devices fulfil the restrictive requirements of European norms at Grade 3 level, ensuring high level of security.

INTEGRA Plus means:

  • professional protection at Grade 3 level for demanding facilities
  • possibility to connect a break-in and assault siren system and access control
  • possibility to include an integrated supervision and administration system
  • advanced, enhanced configuration possibilities
  • wide scope of choice of high-class cooperating devices
Advanced INTEGRA Plus control panels are suitable for protection systems for facilities with increased risk i.a. banks, military facilities, law offices or jewellery shops.
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INTEGRA automation

INTEGRA panels combine a high-class alarm system and automation. They are a perfect solution for our most demanding users, who expect safety, abundance of functions and comfort every day, in a single system.

INTEGRA means:

  • reliable protection and varied functionality
  • possibility to install intelligent house systems
  • possibility to integrate with automation in KNX standard
  • possibility to create a cable, wireless or hybrid system
  • convenient local system control
  • functional and intuitive mobile application
Intelligent INTEGRA panels are suited perfectly for protection systems in big houses, apartments as well as office, commercial and industrial facilities.
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comprehensive protection with automation elements

Secure, elastic and comprehensive - this is how you can describe alarm systems based on VERSA control panels. They have been designed especially for medium-sized installations offering also maintenance of devices included in the building’s automation.

VERSA means:

  • multi directional communication for secure protection
  • possibility to create a cable, wireless or hybrid system
  • possibility to control building automation components
  • convenient local system control
  • functional and intuitive mobile application
Comprehensive VERA panels are the perfect choice for medium sized commercial and service facilities as well as residential buildings, including developmental houses.
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simple protection for quick installation

MICRA alarm module assures simple protection for the smallest facilities including facilities which only exist for a particular period of time. It allows for creating a simple, quick to install and reliable system with GSM communication.

MICRA means:

  • efficient transfer of information about detected danger thanks to the integrated GPRS communicator
  • possibility to create a cable, wireless or hybrid system
  • possibility to control the system from your mobile phone
  • quick installation and ease of moving the installation
MICRA module is a perfect choice for summer cottages, kiosks, garages or small workshops as well as for protection of temporary facilities such as construction sites.
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optimal protection with convenient control

The PERFECTA series control panels have been designed to ensure optimal protection of the premises and convenient daily operation of the system. They also allow you to control devices such as gates, lighting, sprinklers - thus increasing the comfort of users.


  • option to build a wired, wireless and/or hybrid system
  • several models to choose from, equipped with modules, including cellular, voice, audio alarm verification or Ethernet communicator
  • easy configuration
  • convenient local control of the system with the option to use keyfobs
  • functional and intuitive mobile application
Modern PERFECTA panels will be the perfect choice for small companies as well as little houses and apartments.
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