Univerzální TCP/IP komunikační modul

ETHM-2 is an Ethernet module simulating the analog telephone line, designed for use in intruder alarm systems for reporting purposes. This device enables sending event codes via Ethernet (TCP/IP) to the STAM-2 monitoring station or the SMET-256 converter, providing input - output communication from any devices included in the alarm system.

The module has 8 inputs, to which you can connect e.g. outputs of the control panel not equipped with telephone communicator. Once appropriately programmed, these two devices will enable monitoring of the control panel state. The module itself can also serve as a simple control panel provided with TCP/IP communication. It also has 4 OC type low-current outputs rated at up to 50 mA. They can be used to control low power consumption devices (LED lights, sirens with their own power supply, etc.) or relays (through which high power consumption devices can be controlled). ETHM-2 converts codes received in the telephone format or SIA format and generates codes if input events (violation) or output events (activation) occur, power status changes, etc. For security of the transmitted data, an advanced AES algorithm with 192-bit key is used by the module. Additionally, transmission of information via e-mail using SSL encryption is available.

ETHM-2 can be configured remotely via Ethernet or locally via RS-232 port using a computer with the ETHM-2 SOFT program. Remote control of the module via a web browser is also possible.

The device has a 1.2 A built-in switching mode power supply with battery charging and control circuit. It can also be powered with 12 V DC. Additionally, the module is provided with a 512 event memory buffer.

The ETHM-2 Ethernet module meets the EN 50136 requirements for class 5 ATS.

  • telephone line monitoring conversion to TCP/IP transmission, compatible with any panel
  • 8 zones for triggering of TCP/IP reporting
  • support for SSL encryption protocol during communication with the outgoing mail server (only ETHM-2 FLASH v2.00)
  • remote control via web browser (only ETHM-2 FLASH v1.02)
  • unit configuration via ETHM-2 SOFT
  • local configuration via RS-232
  • encrypted data transmission
EN-50136 ATS 5
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EN-50136 ATS 5
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Technická data

Zatížení výstupů typu OC
50 mA
Proudový výkon zdroje
1,2 A
Rozměr základní desky
68 x 120 mm
Rozsah pracovních teplot
0…+45 °C
Nominální napájecí napětí (±15%)
12 V DC
Proudová spotřeba v klidu
150 mA
Max. proudová spotřeba
450 mA
86 g

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