Remote Access System for STAM-2 Monitoring Station

The STAM-VIEW is an extension of the STAM-2 system which allows remote viewing of events coming from the selected station subscribers. With this solution, the company which conducts monitoring, may supplement its offer with the option of real-time access to transmitted information, including the history of the monitored events. For the system users, the owners of monitored premises, this means the option to remotely check the system status at any time.

The STAM-VIEW system allows the installers to significantly streamline the connectivity testing process, providing not only verification of the correct configuration of the transmission paths during installation, but also facilitating periodic maintenance of the alarm system.

Owing to the hierarchical configuration of the STAM-VIEW system accounts, you can effectively define the authority levels of individual users of the system: administrators, installers and end users. The system offers a range of tools: filtering, internal messaging between users, status and data reviews (depending on authority level), which significantly facilitate the everyday work of industry professionals and boost attractiveness of the monitoring firm offer.

The STAM-VIEW system features:

  • enhancement of the monitoring station system with remote events viewing ability
  • access to the system via a web browser
  • ability to remotely verify the system status
  • easy testing of the system at startup and periodic maintenance
  • effective protection against unauthorized access to data
  • ability to filter events recorded by the station
  • text messaging system to facilitate internal communication
  • functions for making backup copies
  • optional visual alarm verification
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